Hello 👋🏻,

My name is Mauricio, and I've been working as a software engineer since 2014. It all started as a hobby, back in 2003, developing websites and private servers of games that I liked back then.

I am Brazilian, but I'm currently living in Toronto, Canada. I moved in here when I got a job offer to join the Jewlr team.

Although I work as a Sr. Full Stack Engineer, I have a lean towards backend development. I love Ruby, Ruby on Rails and I kind of like Javascript 😆. However, I have a lean towards backend development.

You probably imagine that I have many personal projects started and never finished, just like most developers 😂 and in my free time, I am usually playing some video games or trying out a few new techs.

Offer me a cup of coffee, and let's talk about anything you like ;)